500ml Organic Ice Cream

Roskilly's newly selected organic range in 500ml take-home tubs.

We use the simplest and best organic ingredients for this, our purest, creamiest and most delectable organic ice cream.

We only ever use our own milk and cream from our lovely Jersey herd, which graze on pastures that have been farmed in a traditional and sustainable way for generations down here on our organic, working farm on the Lizard peninsular in Cornwall.

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120ml Organic Ice Cream

Original Cornish Scoop

How we make ice cream

Roskilly's Organic 500ml Chocolate

500ml Organic Caramel Crunch Ice Cream

This ice cream originated when a young lady from New Zealand, who was helping us out when we very first started out. “You’ve got to make this!” she said. So we worked out how to make it, using a recipe from “My Fun to Cookbook” (for 5 year olds). We have changed the ingredients to make them organic since then but we still boil all the cinder toffee in lots of pans over a gas stove.

500ml Organic Chocolate Ice Cream

This is made with an especially dark, real Belgian Chocolate, made following a long tradition of craftsmanship; this is then balanced with lashings of our own cream. Blended together this makes a rich chocolate ice cream.

500ml Organic Clotted Cream Vanilla Ice Cream

Made like traditional, egg custard, this ice cream has ladles of our own clotted cream which we have been making since the 1950’s. We use a potent, seedy, vanilla extract to balance with the cream. The ingredients couldn’t be simpler, so it relies on the quality of those ingredients to make it taste so clean and creamy.

500ml Organic Golden Fudge Ice Cream

Once we started making our own fudge then we could make little pieces of fudge we could put into the ice cream, and it has been popular ever since. I always felt that this was just a little bit boring as an Ice cream So we added to it a fudge ripple a couple of years ago.

500ml Organic Mint Choc Crisp Ice Cream

The mix is creamy so that it softens the mint a little, the chocolate instead of chips we use a different very dark chocolate and melt it first. Then we mix minted sugar into the chocolate. This doesn’t melt but adds a crispy crunchy texture to the chocolate. The melted chocolate is dropped into the freshly frozen ice cream and then rubbled through it by a method we have designed specifically to do this. The fine crisps of chocolate melt on your tongue so that after the mint assault, there is chocolate left lingering