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Check out Roskilly's amazing selection of delicious ice creams

At Roskilly's we have over thirty flavours of indulgent ice cream, refreshing frozen yogurts and succulent sorbets, and a few more in the making! (we'll keep you posted.)

As well as only ever using our own cream and milk from our lovely Jersey's, we also make most of the ingredients that go into the ice cream too. (All the sticky, chewy, crunchy, nutty and saucy bits!) Even the water for the sorbet comes from the local spring!

Have a look at Roskilly's delicious range of ice creams, sorbets and frozen yogurts


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How we make ice cream


After Eight Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

Well of course you can eat it at anytime, it's not just for enjoying After Eight!
Combining delicate flakes of high quality dark chocolate with our creamy base ice cream, which has been generously laced with wonderful peppermint oil.

Armadillo Ice Cream

If you're a lover of almonds and butterscotch, you're going to love this great flavour - We create a rich almond, caramel sauce which is combined with our creamy base ice cream. To this we then add little crunchy pieces of butterscotch heaven!

Blackcurrant Cheesecake Ice Cream

To create this beauty we make a skimmed milk soft cheese called quark which is lovingly whipped with our creamy ice cream mix to make a splendid cheesy base. Then the beautifully tart blackcurrants are pureed and sieved before rippling trough the cheesecake base ice cream - Creating a perfectly balanced, fabulously tasty ice cream!

Bubblegum Ice Cream

What can we say! You either love it or you hate it!
Here what creator Toby Roskilly's has to say about it: "Ahhhh!!!! What can I say! Vile ice cream!!! We were forced into making this due to demand. I couldn’t flavour it, I had to get my son, Tom (age 11 at the time) to get the flavour right. I goes against all our murals, and as much as I don’t like it, it seems that lots of people do! It is all our own organic milk and cream and it‘s a great ice cream mix!

Cherry Sorbet

This is so rich in fruit that its colour is just outstanding. To me this is just the Taste of English Summer – probably something to do with eating all those cherry at the Royal Cornwall Show every year.

Choc Brownie and Marshmallow Ice Cream

One of our best sellers - Our fabulous cake creator friends, Kelly's Cakes make the rich chocolate brownie crumble for this little beauty, which once it absorbs the creamy ice cream it becomes soft, chewy and even more delicious. The ice cream is a combination of our clotted cream vanilla and rich chocolate, with the addition on some springy little marshmallows it's a flavour made in heaven!

Chocolate Ice Cream

This is made with specially roasted ebony cocoa from Columbia, balanced with lashings of our cream. It's a chocolate ice cream to knock your socks off!

Coffee Ice Cream

Intense, creamy, delicious - Our splendid Coffee Ice Cream described in 3 words!
We make fine quality coffee from the bean, let it cool and then mixed with our wonderfully creamy base ice cream.
Coffee and ice cream, two a life's daily staples in one. What more can you ask for!

Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Here's another of our 2018 new flavour gang, the eagerly awaited Cookie Dough!
We've had many a request for this flavour over the last year, we've listened, we've created and we hope you LOVE it!

Cornish Golden Fudge Ice Cream

Seeing as we make our own creamy organic fudge, it was a now brainier to then create a deliciously fudgy ice cream.
We create teeny tiny pieces of fudge and a splendid fudge ripple which is combined with our fabulous base ice cream, it has been a very popular choice ever since.

Cream Tea Ice Cream

Made for Caroline Quintin, when she came to visit the farm last year, it was an idea that had been suggested a few times before we tried it. I had come across a twist on a strawberry jam earlier on in the year that seemed to work very well and I wasn’t too sure that the scone would work in the ice cream but, low and behold, the combination worked beautifully. Try it and see what you think.

Crunchy Caramel Ice Cream

This ice cream originated when a young lady from New Zealand, who was helping us out when we very first started out. “You’ve got to make this!” she said. So we worked out how to make it, using a recipe from “My Fun to Cookbook” (for 5 year olds). It has never changed in all the years since then. We still boil all the cinder toffee in lots of pans over a gas stove and I'm sure you'll agree, it tastes wonderful!

Ginger Fairing Ice Cream

I guess it is a Cornish trait, but there was always a ginger biscuit to munch on in the kitchen. So sweetened stem ginger whizzed into the mix and broken ginger biscuits folded into the ice cream, was one of the first flavours we came up with. The recipe hasn't changed a bit - As the saying goes 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it!'

Gooseberry Yoghurt Ice Cream

The yogurt ices use beautifully simple ingredients, our own, almost no fat yogurt, gooseberries, sugar with a touch of pectin to bind it together. So if you are looking for a relatively healthy ice cream this is the one. Sugar is the only naughty in this and we have left this pretty sharp to taste so there isn’t that much sugar. Of course, if you wanted to make it a bit naughty and taste even more fabulous add a dollop of clotted cream to the top!!

Green Mint Choc Ice Cream

We did try to resist the 'green' in this for many years! Keeping it natural. But were eventually persuaded and it has proved to be very popular as this seems to be more recognisable to people. It is the only ice cream we make with a colour added to it. The green is natural chlorophyll, and the mint is mint oil. With loads of chocolate chips and lots of cream to soften the incredibly strong mint making it beautifully intense and simply delicious.

Lemon Ripple Ice Cream

Another of our 2018 new flavour gang is our oh so refreshing Lemon Ripple Ice Cream.
A beautifully smooth, fresh, citrus fuelled ice cream with a sweet, zesty ripple running through it, divine!

Lemon Sorbet

Our beautifully zesty, fresh lemon sorbet is a simple combinations of water, fruit and a touch of sugar!
Perfect as a pallet cleanser.

Malty Mystery Ice Cream

The mystery being, “Where have all the maltesers gone?” No matter how many we decorate the top with they always disappear. Just look for that slightly guilty look in the eyes of whoever is serving you! We use smaller maltesers these days but they still disappear. The ice cream base is flavoured richly with malt.

Mango and Passionfruit Sorbet

We have made these separately in the past, but mango is a pretty ‘fatty’ fruit which meant that the mix was really heavy and just didn’t ‘make’ well when it was frozen. The passion fruit however was always fabulous with flavour but it is so strong that the sorbet was always a bit icy. But when we mixed the two together.... dream team!!

Orange and Mascarpone Ice Cream

Or “orange and Al Capone!” as we came up with a theme for the tubs. We use our cream to make the mascarpone, but this on its own didn’t seem to come up with quite the flavour we were looking for. It was a completely separate experiment I was doing with some quark from our skimmed milk that led us to adding this to the mix as well. That seemed to give it just the right “bite”. Flavoured with some orange juice and zest and hey Presto as fast as you can say splurge, an ice cream that many have fallen in love with.

Orange Sorbet

Oh so refreshing!
Our citrus packet sorbet is combined in such a way, the finished product is wonderfully creamy in texture with a super fresh and fruity flavour.
Another great pallet cleanser.

Raspberry Sorbet

Simply, beautifully tart, fresh raspberries and our own spring water (plus a little but of sugar!) add a scoop of our Clotted Cream Vanilla ice cream with this super fruity sorbet for a truly irresistible combination.

Raspberry Yoghurt Ice Cream

This lovely yogurt ice is made in the same way as the Gooseberry - Raspberries, our yogurt, sugar and pectin. The plump raspberries we use are lovely and sweet but still have a super tarty kick!

Rum and Raisin Ice Cream

A good old classic made with, guess what? Rum and Raisins!!! We just heat the rum with the raisins, cool it and let it soak overnight then mix it in with our creamy base ice cream. It couldn’t be simpler!

Salt Caramel Ice Cream

The Salt Caramel crazy it still going strong, just like our Salt Caramel ice cream!
We produce our own delicious caramel sauce using Cornish Sea Salt which gives it quite an edge. Our sauce on its own is pretty salty but once flowing through the creamy ice cream it is sublime.

Strawberry Ice Cream

This is the one that started our whole clean ingredients movement off. Made with 1/3rd strawberries and its own rich ice cream mix to complement it. There is no flavouring here, just strawberries and cream.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Made like a traditional creamy custard, this ice cream has free range egg yolk added to give it a lovely creamy texture. Then we add deliciously potent, seedy vanilla extract. There is also a hint of orange and lemon peel in the background which give a gentle accent to our splendid clotted cream.

White Chocolate and Raspberry Ice Cream

An ice cream mix made with both lots of cream and cocoa butter to make it super creamy. Lovingly combined with our own wonderfully tart, freshly made raspberry ripple. Delicious!