About Roskilly's

Roskilly’s is a working Cornish Organic Farm, on the beautiful southern tip of Cornwall.

We have developed the business over 60 years,Joe and Rachel inherited the Farm from Joe’s fairy godmother in 1950.

It started with selling our delicious Clotted Cream, followed by the cottages which were developed during the 60's. Joe started building ponds during the 70's, then in the late 80's, (when all of us kids were sort of grown up) we started making ice cream.

The new milking parlour and the viewing gallery came in 1992. The Croust House restaurant opened in 1993, and the fudge making began the following year. At the same time we started putting Rachel’s jams, chutneys and mustards into jars and selling them. We finally got all the production under one roof in 2006.

Bottled milk in 2009 meant that we achieved a long held ambition to only use our own milk and cream to make all the ice cream (no brought in cream or skimmed milk powder).


Our creamery currently uses about 450,000 litres of milk from the farm!

About Roskilly's
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