Sunshine, grass, cows equals delicious milk & ice cream

— Roskilly's Philosophy —

To make Roskilly's ice cream we only ever use our own milk and cream from our lovely Jersey herd, which graze on pastures that have been farmed in a traditional and sustainable way for generations down here on our organic, working farm on the Lizard peninsular in Cornwall.

Have a look at Roskilly's delicious range of ice creams, sorbets and frozen yogurts available.

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500ml Organic Ice Cream

120ml Organic Ice Cream

Original Cornish Scoop

Dairy Free Vibe Ice Cream

How we make ice cream

Roskilly's ice cream coneRoskilly's Organic 500ml ChocolateRoskilly's Organic 120ml StrawberryRoskilly's ice cream cone flavoursRoskilly's Raspberry Yoghurt iceRoskilly's ice cream tubsRoskilly's Lick your spoonRoskilly's ice cream tub
500ml Organic Ice Cream
120ml Organic Ice Cream
The Original Cornish Scoop