Roskilly's Chutneys

Chutneys have always been a big part of our lunch table

Rachel has always baked granary bread for lunch and this is normally eaten with slabs of cheese and sliced hams. I guess we have got used to jazzing this up with Rachel’s spectacular chutneys. It is usually at the beginning of winter that she cooks her trial batches in huge pans on the Aga.

We have chosen from some of the most popular Chutneys - which we make using Rachel’s methods - in the creamery during the winter when the ice cream sales are slower. We each have a favourite... try them and see which one is yours!

Spiced Plum 295g

Spiced Plum 295g   |   £4.10   |   ADD TO BASKET

Fruity with Plums and sultanas, spiced with cinnamon. Try this with a baked camembert or even the roast turkey.


Plums 40%, Onion, Malt Vinegar, Apples, Light Brown Sugar, Cinnamon Stick.Allergy Advice: May also contain nuts.