Our Jersey Cows

These are the hardworking maidens at the core of Roskilly's farm.

When Joe Roskilly inherited the farm from his godmother in 1950 there were only 30 cows on the farm. These days we are milking 125 Jersey damsels.

We milk our Jersey's every day. 

The cows calve mainly in the spring and early summer. We try to have all the cows milking for June, July and August so that we have enough luscious milk for the Creamery. You can see the cows with their calves to the side of the collecting yard, but unfortunately Mr. Health & Safety has declared that we can’t let you wander around the farm as much as we used to.


We are so fond of our Jersey's that we actually have a name for every single one of our herd!


Keep your eye on our boards near the milking shed on the farm to find out more information about our gorgeous Jersey cows.

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