Animals on Roskilly's Farm

Come and see the calves, goats, pigs, sheep, turkeys, geese, chickens and  more on the farm at Roskilly's.

We have a growing menagerie of farmyard animals which you can feed with bags from the Croust House.

The lazy pigs occupy the old orchard and snaffle up all the apples in the autumn. There is a collection of chickens and Bantams announcing their egg laying exploits and a few cockerels proudly inspecting.

Mr Turkey definitely thinks he is Chief though the geese are usually voicing their disapproval. The quails are working out where to hide their eggs next and meanwhile the goats are quietly planning their next great escape!!

Our Farmyard Family is forever expanding so you're sure to see someone new each time you visit.


Keep checking back for more animal updates from Roskilly's farm! Have a look at the photos of the farm here.

Animals on the farm
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