Roskilly's Mustards

The mustards began after Rachel’s best friend Juliet gave her a little book on mustard making in 1961.

During that year Joe aquired a giant, Victorian, coffee grinder that had been on display in a shop window for years. Rachel then had an inspiration that this may be perfect for grinding the mustard seeds.

Soon Rachael was able to return to Juliet a hamper full of a variety of Mustards. She must have been on good form because these haven’t really altered at all since then. We have been enjoying these on meats and cheeses and for cooking with ever since.

Our method of making it hasn’t altered either. We have tried a few other machines but none of them have the same effect. So this huge Victorian hand grinder is still in use. The quantities we make have gone up quite a bit now so the grinding has become a sort of fitness training during the winter. It takes the team over a day to work the grinder. At the moment we can definitely claim it all to be “hand ground” mustard!!