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Additions to Roskilly's Confectionery Range

Additions to Roskilly's Confectionery Range

Our wonderful production team have been beavering away to product 2 NEW fabulous sweet treats to add to our ever growing Confectionery Range.

We wanted to create some traditional sweeties that would take all our adult fans back to their childhoods, and conjure up all sorts of happy memories for you.

Introducing - 

Organic Honeycomb

Bite through its crunchy exterior to the tingly bubbles and chewy centre.

This amazing amber coloured Organic Honeycomb is one of the latest NEW editions to Roskilly’s Confectionary range.

Handmade using the finest organic ingredients this traditional sweet treat whizzes you right back to your childhood, visions of seeing this magical combination of ingredients expand into a foaming mountain before setting to a fabulous crunch sensation.

Organic Butterscotch

Little nuggets of creamy, buttery, crisp organic butterscotch that melts in the mouth.

Using traditional methods, Roskilly’s Organic Butterscotch is made using our very own organic cream, combined with other splendidly sweet ingredients to produce mouth-watering cubes of pure joy. 

These tasty treats will be available any minute from our online shop so keep a look out!

We hope you enjoy them and keep them peeled for more exciting additions to our Confectionery range in the near future...