HICCUP Alcoholic Ices

We've combined wonderful ingredients to create two super, alcoholic sorbets and an awesome boozy ice cream!

The perfect treat on a warm summers evening or to cool down after an evening of dancing at your local pub or club!

Please EAT responsibly...


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500ml Organic Ice Cream

120ml Organic Ice Cream

Original Cornish Scoop

How we make ice cream

Hiccup Alcoholic Ice Cream

HICCUP Gin and Tonic Sorbet

Made using the most delicious gin we could find! Tarqin’s Gin is distilled locally and has a beautifully distinct botanical flavour. Combined with tonic and a twist of lemon - this sorbet is splendidly refreshing and pleasantly boozy! 4.8%

HICCUP Mojito Sorbet

A traditionally Mexican cocktail combining white rum, lime juice, fresh mint and soda - Super fresh, super fragrant and super tasty! 4.8%

HICCUP Summer Punch Ice Cream

For this little summery wonder, we've combined Fruit Cup Liqueur (PIMMS) with strawberries, cucumber and orange zest with our deliciously creamy milk and clotted cream - Creating a super creamy, fruity, fresh ice cream treat!